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[sticky post] Pretty Cure manga series download links [RAW]

Official RAW provider for MANGALAND.

Latest updates:
- 26 March 2017: added Mahou Tsukai 1-7 (photos)
- 18 January 2017: added HaCha 9, 10, 12, completing the series.
- 1 April 2016: added Yes 2, 7, 10, 12, three extras; GoGo 2, two extras; Smile extra; Dokidoki 13; HaCha 13.
- 11 September 2015: added HaCha 11; removed Vmall links (offline).
- 16 January 2015: added HaCha 8 (last chapter provided by Miss Dream).
- 9 December 2014: added FwPC 10; Max Heart 12, 14 and 17; Dokidoki 10, 11 and 12; HaCha 1 to 7; new links for the MOOKS.
- 4-8 December 2013/9 December 2013: added FwPC 11; Max Heart 19, 21, 22, torrents for 18 and 20; Yes 2; GoGo 12 and Mediafire link for 1; Fresh new links; HC mook 1 and 2; Suite mook 1 and 2; Smile mook 1, torrent 8-12, link 10-12, sticker story; Dokidoki torrent and link 1-9. / Added link to Splash Star chapters 8 to 11 (bulk), plus some alternate links from Ryushare.

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My "Precure Blue Moon" book

I sent this entry to precurefanworks on the 13 December not aware of the moderator queue: I don't think it will ever show up, so I post this here.

A year and thirty days (plus 18 by now) has passed since Jisu ended her Futari wa Pretty Cure Blue Moon and today I'm here to present you the project I've done over this fanseries: I think Jisu is the only one around here who knows about it.

Well, let's start from the very beginning: I'm Italian and, even if I don't have problems with English, I enjoy a story more if it's in my language. I was immediately won by Blue Moon and, thanks to the presence of a lot of pictures of Bouken (the fanseries with same Cures, but different names and personalities), I decided to translate the whole series and create a book. I don't remember exactly when I took this decision, but there were at least ten episodes posted when I read the first one.
And now
(13 December) the book is finished and printed. (click on the pictures to enlarge)
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What is your favorite day of the week?

Saturday, the day of Saturn, my favourite planet (and Sailor Senshi!!!)

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If you won a trip to anywhere, where would you go, and why?

Definitely to California!!! It's my biggest dream, I love it!!

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